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Cornerstone Therapies

Specialist in Rehabilitation
Your road to wellbeing

I am a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the HCPC. Qualifying with a BSc Physiotherapy in 1996, I have cared for patients at St Mary's Hospital, St John & St Elizabeth's Hospital, and the Royal Marsden Hospital, London. More recently I worked at LOROS Hospice, Leicester, where I have accumulated much experience looking after and rehabilitating people who have undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer. I feel strongly that with specialist physiotherapy treatment, people can lead more active lives, whether their cancer is cured, in remission, or they are living with cancer as a chronic disease. 

I have run Cornerstone Therapies from my home clinic since 2014. I love using Bowen Therapy, Myofascial Release, Acupuncture and Scar Work. These are gentle and deeply effective modalities, beneficial for anything from injuries to back problems, headaches, TMJ, shoulder problems, and stress.

I also work at Oadby House Clinic, a private physiotherapy practice, treating all manner of musculoskeletal problems.


I want to inspire and encourage people with pain from injury, surgery, or just 'wear and tear', or suffering other long-term illness, to regain their physical strength, improve confidence, and incorporate exercise into their lifestyle.


I aim to assess your particular problems and use carefully chosen physiotherapy techniques to introduce a holistic and individualised programme of treatment. Our goal is then to work together, in order to help you return to doing the things you love, optimise your function, and to minimise symptoms such as:


   restricted movement 

   problematic scars 





   hot sweats


   difficulty sleeping



I trained as a PINC physiotherapist with Lou James, who founded PINC&STEEL International. The PINC programme is a specialised rehabilitation programme dedicated to improving the strength, quality of life, and sense of well-being of women diagnosed with cancer. I aim to reduce the long-term side effects of cancer and its treatment, and to optimise function, maximise recovery, while promoting the benefits of exercise for cancer patients.


Bowen is a dynamic healing therapy involving gentle yet direct manipulation of connective tissue, or fascia.  Small rolling movements over specific sites illicit subtle changes, resetting the nervous system, and allowing a 'letting go' of tight structures and holding patterns. Created by the Australian, Tom Bowen, this way of treating the body is spreading across the world, and is used for anyone from athletes to the elderly and babies.  As it is so gentle, I find it is even beneficial for pain from osteoporosis.  Treatment is deeply relaxing, and many have found it helps with recovery from traumatic injury, spinal pain, chronic illness, asthma, digestive problems, headaches, among others. I love using Bowen, and find its effects to be long lasting, often improving the mindset and not just the body! My patients often fall asleep during treatment, and are surprised how much benefit they get from such a gentle modality.


ScarWork is the brainchild of Sharon Wheeler, USA. ( It is a gentle, painless approach designed to assist with scar and adhesions caused by surgery, joint replacements, accidents, burns or radiotherapy, sometimes even years later.


A scar is like an iceberg - only a tiny part of it is visible at the surface, and there is much more going on underneath the skin, that can be impeding the natural glide and movement of muscles, nerves, organs and fascia. Radiotherapy increases the stiffening of soft tissues too. Scars, even years old, can be the cause of local or distant pains, restriction and swelling in the body.


For example, caesarian scars can cause hip, low back pains and bladder problems, which may not surface till a decade after the birth. Small scars from laproscopic surgery or epidurals can be the cause of aches and pains too. It is very relaxing work to receive, and can sometimes have a profound effect on the body and the mind, as deeply-held tensions are released.


Back Massage
Massage Therapy

Myofascial Release is a gentle yet powerful way of connecting with the tissues of the body, both superficial and deep, and enabling releases through the fascial pathways in a 3D way. It is wonderful for relieving pain and stiffness, and unconsciously-held movement and postures, due to accidental injury or surgery. Backs, necks, shoulders, hips, knees, headaches, face pain can all benefit from myofascial release.

I learned this technique from Ruth Duncan (, and find patients love the feeling of the work, wherever there is tightness in their bodies


Acupuncture has been used for over 2000 years, but has only fairly recently been accepted as a valuable treatment in the West. I find it very useful in helping treat pain from musculoskeletal injury or disease, and use it widely alongside other treatments in the clinic.

It is largely painless, although you can feel a mild sensation from the needles, and patients usually feel relaxed and often feel rested and generally better in themselves after treatments.

It is useful for:

* arthritic pain

* bad backs, sciatic pain, neck pain

* sprains and strains

* chronic pain ( pain over 6 months duration )

* headaches

* gynaecological problems

* digestive problems

Cosmetic Acupuncture

I am also trained to use Cosmetic Acupuncture for use on the face. This helps the skin to rejuvenate, increasing the local circulation and releasing the body's own chemicals, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and adding a glow to the skin.

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