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PAULA, Scraptoft

"As a sufferer of OSTEOPOROSIS  for 15 years, (fractured vertebrae and ribs), the pain either side of my neck each time I walked out seemed especially cruel. Walking is a great love of mine, and essential part of my life. Bowen Therapy was quite unknown to me, but I was intrigued by its claims to be "applied for different situations depending on the needs of the patient".  I booked a session with Pauline. Miraculously it worked! Truly, after one session of unobtrusive, relaxing therapy the pain in my neck had disappeared and has not returned. My regular Bowen appointments are now eagerly awaited! It is Bowen that has helped me to be in control of my severe osteoporosis, and my friends tell me I am walking taller as well!"

Caroline Dabbs, Rutland

"Pauline has done an amazing job on releasing old abdominal scarring for me. She's made such a difference for me. I thoroughly recommend anyone suffering with scarring to get in touch with her. "

HELEN, Leicester

"Pauline has performed baby Bowen on baby Phoebe twice since she was suffering colic, and I believe it really helped her. As Pauline finished, all Phoebe's muscles were relaxed, making her a content little baby. we haven't had any prolonged episodes of crying or pacing up and down with her to try to comfort her. What a wonderful, quick and gentle technique to help little ones with colic. Thank you Pauline. I would highly recommend your services!"

PAUL, Leicestershire

"I have longstanding problems with my back, shoulders and knees. Pauline has successfully treated me with Bowen, beneficial exercises and advice, and after trying other therapies, I found Bowen was the best thing for my pain. The hour of treatment is in itself a wonderful form of relaxation. As a result my days are free from discomfort and I continue to play golf with ease 3-4 times a week. Thoroughly recommended!"

Maggie, Thurnby, Leicestershire

"Having had ME in a mild form for 10 years, I volunteered to be a guinea pig for Pauline when she embarked on her Bowen training. I found the sessions relaxing and non-invasive, and very therapeutic. Each session left me feeling relaxed and chilled. There was not sudden miraculous recovery, but months later, looking back, I could recognise a definite improvement in my wellbeing and energy levels, and am convinced now that the Bowen treatment was a turning point in my recovery - I would say now that I am completely well. I have treatments still if I feel under par, and to treat occasional back problems, and find it beneficial. The winter before last I had the flu and chest infections non-stop for months, so this past autumn Pauline suggested we embark on a series of Bowen sessions to boost my immune system and arm me to fight off the winter bugs! I had a treatment about once a month from September to February, and for the first time in years have got through the winter with no chest infections, and nothing more that the common cold. Brilliant!

I would highly recommend Bowen, and Pauline is such a kind and considerate therapist."

"Dear Pauline, Just needed to let you know that whatever you did to me helped enormously. We were able to have a lovely walk around Watermead, it was magical. Thank you SO much!  Love Paula"

"Dear Pauline, 

It's been such a privilege to work alongside you. You are a highly skilled, compassionate and dedicated physio who I admire very much. Wishing you lots of love for your growing business, which I can see is a great success. Love Kate Jackson (OT Lead, LOROS Hospice).

"I can thoroughly recommend this amazing lady and Bowen Therapy. I was struggling with very tight neck, jaw and shoulder muscles and after my first treatment today I feel like I have lots more movement! Thank you Pauline." Ali in Thurnby.

"I've worked with Pauline for several years and she is one of the loveliest, most caring persons I have ever met. The combination of her knowledge and practice of physiotherapy, Bowen and Scar Work make her a very experienced and knowledgable practitioner . I have suffered with a whiplash injury that never really cleared up and a knee injury for many years. I have tried physiotherapy alone, massage and exercises, but nothing really worked, so I decided to give Bowen a try.


On the first appointment a thorough history is taken, and on every session, areas of concern talked through and treatment options discussed. Her therapy room is very relaxing and she makes you feel very welcome. The Bowen movements can be very light, and you you wonder how they can do anything, but then you feel slight movements and sensations in your body from them, which at times feels very weird.  It's not instantaneous for some and it wasn't for me, but over a few sessions, pain decreased in my neck, and I got more movement, which I have not had for years. My knee felt less painful.


It might be trial and error to start, but once it works, you know about it! I've been seeing Pauline for about 18 months, and visit her about every 4-6 weeks. It keeps my body in order, and as I say to Pauline "I've come for my MOT!" I cannot thank her enough for her perseverance, her treatments and the affect on my body, the relief of pain and increase of movement. Go in with an open mind and try it. It worked for me!" Debra S, Leicester

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